Sarnafil AT

The new patented hybrid Sarnafil® AT technology refers to a versatile membrane that is easy-to-apply and long-lasting for sustainably designed roofs. Sika has combined all the best attributes of single-ply roof membranes into one new ‘Advanced Technology’ Sarnafil® AT.

Unique Hybrid Technology for a Smarter Roofing Experience

As the global leader in single-ply roofing, Sika has created a highly flexible membrane with the ultimate combination of durability, sustainability and ease of installation. The new technology combines advantages from all existing membrane technologies, with good durability and the freedom of design, to flexibly adapt to different project demands.

Hot Air Weldable Roof Membrane Formulated for Direct Exposure

Sarnafil® AT is a membrane based on flexible polyolefins (FPO), with internal fabric reinforcement and backing in accordance with EN 13956. The membrane is fully compatible with all existing Sarnafil® T accessories and ancillary components.

  • Resistant to UV exposure
  • Resistant to wind uplift
  • Resistant to all other common environmental influences
  • Hot air weldable
  • No open flames required
  • High dimensional stability with glassfleece inlay
  • Resistant against impact loading and hailstones
  • Resistant to mechanical influences
  • Resistant to root penetration
  • Compatible with existing bitumen

Expert Flat Roofers using Sarnafil AT

If you're looking for experienced flatroofers for your project, give us a call or enquire direct